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How To Be An IEP Empowered Parent

IEP meetings can be a challenge for parents. When it comes to working with school resource educators and creating your child’s IEP, it’s important for you to be informed and empowered as an advocate for your child. Below you will find a link to the Endrew F. Advocacy Toolkit from to assist you in creating talking points as the parental advocate for your child in the IEP meeting.

Hi Parent,

You know how important it is to advocate for the support your child needs. The Supreme Court’s landmark 2017 Endrew F. decision on the meaning of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) can help. Explore an interactive toolkit with talking points from Endrew F.—and go into your next IEP meeting feeling informed and empowered. Plus, check out some tips from the Understood Community about how they keep their cool during IEP meetings. And watch one woman’s story of going through the evaluation process as an adult.

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