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Our Happy Parents & Students Say it All!

"Stevie has really loved Brooke tutoring her this quarter! Thank you (and Brooke) so much for making math and chemistry something Stevie not only understands, but enjoys! Also, I’m sure you hear this all the time, but the boost to her confidence from learning to do these hard subjects is worth every cent! I’m grateful for all that she’s gained through your awesome program."

-Kelly Williams, Parent

I don’t know how to begin to express my gratitude for Nancy Thorup at Thorup Tutoring. Nothing about school has come easily for my second grader. We were getting worried about her “backwards” letter and number writing, spelling words in mirrored form, difficulty reading simple words, and low (“in the red”) Dibels scores. We started seeing Nancy herself (so lucky!) twice a week this summer, and my daughter still LOVES her sessions. Nancy is totally dialed into my daughter’s age and interests, they are silly and read and play Uno/earn “money” as a reward. She comes home with a packet of “do at home work” that is fun, engaging, and it truly BLOWS my mind the difference it has made for her. My girl is a reader now! With a new arsenal of tips and tricks and rhymes to use at school, including math “touch points”, like MULTIPLE number addition and subtraction (no more finger counting and guessing). I could cry with joy for her new-found confidence and I truly cannot express how highly I recommend Nancy and her incredible program.

Maddie McEntire Parent

 Sam was fantastic this summer. He accomplished so much with our teenage daughter and really provided her with a strong base. He also was so upbeat, cheering her on, giving her the confidence she needed. I also loved how he was so responsive to me, providing me with updates, feedback and ways to help. She has been doing very well in math so far this year! In fact she recently asked me when math was going to get hard. She said she needed a challenge and didn’t know why she wasn’t getting that in math! Thank you, thank you to Sam! We are so grateful!

Camille, Parent

"I just have to let you know how amazing Jack is for Aidan. Jack has been the bomb! He can get Aidan to successfully do so much. He is extra accommodating with Aidan's spring sport schedule and always communicates what's going on. We truly are so lucky to have Jack. Without you guys, I don't know how Aidan would get through school. What you do is so appreciated."

Jennifer Tempfer, Parent

"I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated Jayda's help with Josie this year. We have struggled with math for years. We have argued and gotten nowhere until Jayda. She clicked with Josie immediately and Josie trusts her and her way of teaching. Josie feels more confident than she ever has in math now and she has a B for the first time ever! We are celebrating the effort the two of them have put in to that grade. We hope we get Jayda back in the fall."

-Tiffany Carlson, Parent

"Thank you for the support I have received over the last 6 years as a student of your tutoring services. Here is the listing of the colleges I applied to along with the scholarships I was offered:

1. USC, 5-yeat Architecture program -- Full-Tuition , Trustee scholarship
2. Rhode Island University
3. Brown University
4. Brown/RISD Dual-Degree, Architecture BFA program-- I was one out of 15, out of over 700 applicants, accepted.
5. Parsons School of Design, Architecture BFA program -- $25,000 a year scholarship.
6. Pratt Institute, 5-year Architecture program --Presidential scholarship of $28,000 a year.
7.School of the Art Institute of Chicago --Presidential scholarship of $28,000 a year.
8. Savannah College of Art and Design-- $8,000 ayear Academic Merit Scholarship.
9. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 5-year Architecture--$1,000 a year scholarship.
10. Columbia University, Fu Foundation School of Engineering, Environmental Engineering -- Waitlisted.

As you can see, I was admitted to 9 of the 10 schools (waitlisted fro Columbia) and received over $600,000 in scholarships!
I have decided to take the full-scholarship and attend USC!! I will be pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture, which is a 5-year professional degree which will allow me to become a licensed architect afterward!"

-Nick Heiner, Student

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