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Summer Tutoring

Summer at Thorup Tutoring

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Summer is a time for vacations, fun, play, and exploration. But for many kids, summer is also a time for their brains to get “rusty.” Summer tutoring can help keep your child’s brain working without burning them out.

Young kids may benefit from going back and filling in the gaps in reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and math. Thorup Tutoring can provide fun, academic enrichment activities with a quality tutor.

Older kids may need to make up some credits, study up on next year’s math or foreign language class, or really learn how to write an essay. Many older kids also need to do assigned summer reading.

Some kids need upwards of 36 hours of summer instruction, while others may only need 9-12 hours. Decide what works best for your child, your family budget, and go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Mastering Your Skills:

  • Summer Reading

  • Summer Spelling & Writing

  • Summer Math Tutoring

What summer tutoring has to offer:

○ One-on-one instruction

○ Work on academic basics, prepare for the upcoming school year, ACT

prep, study skills and credit recovery packets

○ Get caught up and ready for the next school year!

Summer Incentive Pricing

If you sign up for 13+ hours between June 1st-August 31st, your hourly rate will decrease!
● 12 hours or less: $65-$70/hour
● 13-18 hours: $60-$65/hour- $5 savings!
● 19 hours+: $55-$60/hour- $10 savings!

Contact your tutor to get scheduled for the summer!

If your tutor will not be continuing through the summer months, please contact Nancy and she will help place your child with a new tutor.

Our Facility

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