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About Us

With over 30 years of experience, Thorup Tutoring provides the best one-on-one tutoring available. Our well trained staff is dedicated to helping your student succeed. Each student is different and has different needs. Your student will not be placed in a set program, rather, they will be given the specific help that they require. Come in and see how we can help your student today. Staff members are trained in working with students who have ADHD, learning disabilities, and other disorders which affect learning. We tutor preschool through college students in all subject areas.

Some of our specialties at Thorup Tutoring include:

  1. Study skills, organizational skills, and academic coaching

  2. Homework help

  3. Remedial programs in reading, writing, math and more

  4. ACT and SAT I and SAT II preparation courses

Some of the benefits of personalized tutoring include:

For the Student:

  • Independence

  • Self-confidence

  • Organization

  • Higher test scores

  • Better grades

  • Less fighting with mom & dad

For the Parents:

  • Peace of mind

  • You have support for the success of your child

  • We help with teacher communication, IEPs, & school supports

  • Referrals and resources

  • You are no longer alone – you have a team supporting you and your child

Our Facility

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