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What New Skills Do Children Gain During Distance Learning?

The past year has been a challenge for a lot of children. Even though many students have had a difficult time adjusting to virtual learning, a lot of children have also learned valuable skills that may serve them well in the future. There are a lot of positive ways that virtual learning may have impacted children. A few examples of skills children may have learned during virtual learning include:

  1. Many children have become more independent. Children may be in charge of their morning routine, logging on to school, picking out their clothes, and setting their own study schedules.

  2. Some children have actually become more communicative because they are comfortable with the Internet. They may be able to interact online with their classmates. They can find them online easily instead of having to meet up after school.

  3. Virtual learning can also help children improve their self-confidence. They may have even found their inner voice as they interact with children and teachers online.

  4. As children gain more independence, they also develop leadership skills. They might even lead their classmates in lessons and hold each other accountable during class.

  5. Children can also develop empathy while learning virtually. Every child is going to have technological difficulties from time to time. Therefore, they are more willing to help each other out, which is a sign of empathy.

There are a lot of new skills children may have gained during virtual learning that could serve them well in the future. Learn more about the skills on

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