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When you can see it from their side, you can be on their side


Homework time can be a nightmare for you and your child. Watch these awesome, short videos to give you some perspective!

This week marks the launch of our new public service announcement (PSA) campaign, developed in partnership with the Ad Council. The campaign is called “Two Sides.”

It’s no accident this campaign is launching early in the school year. As schoolwork ramps up for kids, signs of learning and attention issues can become more noticeable. The goal of the campaign is to help parents understand these signs so they can seek out the right support for their kids.

One way the PSA does this is by showing how hard it can be to recognize and understand signs of learning and attention issues. The campaign tries to “translate” common things kids might say, like “My homework doesn’t make any sense” or “I don’t want to go to school.” These and other common kid sayings could be signs of an unidentified learning or attention issue.

A key idea behind the campaign is that parents have to see it from their kids’ side in order to be on their side.

Here are two ads you may see on TV. Please share them with friends! You can use the social sharing buttons on this page to get started.

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