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What Do You Need To Know About ADHD and Emotions?

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Your child may have “inattentive type,” which means that they are not hyperactive. It is called “ADHD Inattentive Type.” ADHD can make it difficult for children to focus in school and manage their relationships. In addition, children with ADHD can be impulsive and hyperactive, challenging their peers, teachers, and family members alike. Even though there are serious challenges that come with ADHD, the emotional difficulty is often overlooked.

There are several common emotions that children with ADHD may experience. These include:

  1. Children with ADHD often feel hurt and sad

  2. Kids with ADHD can get discouraged in multiple facets of life

  3. Many children with ADHD worry about their relationships and their future

  4. Kids with ADHD can be quick to anger

Children with ADHD often fluctuate between these emotions faster than typical children. These emotions can also make it harder for them to overcome many of the challenges they already face.

Many children with ADHD take offense, even when they are criticized gently, because of the differences they already notice between themselves and their peers. As a result, they can get frustrated, having difficulty calming down when they get angry or annoyed.

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