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Tips for Mastering School Skills This Summer

Filling in the gaps or enrichment with reading, writing, grammar, math, and spelling are great reasons to have your child attend summer tutoring.   It only takes an hour or two per week to see great gains in the fall.  

Does your student make lots of mistakes while reading?  Does he/she struggle with phonics, blending, or fluency?  Reading comprehension can also be difficult for kids.  

Schools don’t always have time to teach grammar as much anymore.  Summer is a great time to review the parts of speech, how to use possessive nouns correctly, and how to use verb tenses which make sense.

Writing….so many kids hurry through writing assignments at school.  There isn’t always the time to really spend time on an essay due to extracurricular activities and loads of homework in other classes.  Use the summer to teach little tykes how to write a sentence, medium sized tykes how to write paragraphs and short essays, and kids in Jr. High and High School how to write essays their teachers will love!  

Practice with spelling in the summer can help your child learn common spelling patterns and phonemes.  This is also a time to practice those tough “commonly misspelled” sight words that trip your child up when they are writing.  Memorizing lists should not be the point in the summer; learning and understanding phonetic rules is the best way to go!

And of course, math is very important to review over the summer.  Your child may not have mastered certain concepts necessary to be successful at the next level. Find a tutor who will not only fill in the gaps, but who will also challenge your child and move forward.  Fraction/decimal rules, story problems, and equations are just a few of the many math topics which can be reviewed over the summer months.

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