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This Holiday Season


I wish all of you a relaxing, stress free holiday season.  Take the time to re-connect with your kids. Talk to them about things not related to school.  Go to movies, play games, go shopping, watch football, and enjoy meals without cell phones. Try not to discuss school for a few, precious days.

Specify 2-3 days where schoolwork can be worked on (maybe December 27-30th).  Put these dates in your calendar and your child’s calendar now so they can be prepared.  The term ends for many kids on January 10th, so there may be some work to do/tests to study for before they return to school.  

I know that being a parent is challenging.  School is so much more demanding than when my kids were young.  I have been going through my own kids’ schoolwork from 1992 (when my oldest started kindergarten).  The requirements are more stringent, and kids are asked to do so much more than when my kids were young.  Hang in there! This, too, shall pass! We can’t control the school requirements, but we can control how we handle our children and how we react to them.  

Enjoy the holidays and see you next year!

Nancy Williams Director of Thorup Tutoring Company 801-272-7323 office 801-243-0905 cell 

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