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The Top Things To Know About Parenting a Child with ADHD

  1. ADHD is not the fault of your child, as your child’s brain simply works differently

  2. ADHD is also not your fault, as there is nothing you did as a parent to cause ADHD

  3. ADHD is a complicated disorder, impacting children differently

  4. ADHD does not cause your child to be rude or defiant, he simply responds differently to certain situations

  5. Everyone is trying as hard as they can when it comes to ADHD, including your child

  6. It is not an easy decision to place your child on ADHD medication; however, it can be appropriate in some circumstances

  7. Many parents feel judged for having a child with ADHD

Finally, remember that your child is more than just ADHD. Learn more about parenting a child with ADHD with this article on!

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