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The Top Signs You Have A Resilient Child

As a parent, you may believe that your child is resilient. On the other hand, the pandemic has created hurdles that a lot of children have never experienced. Resilience doesn’t mean remaining positive in the face of unprecedented circumstances. It means learning from setbacks and applying their skills to new situations in a positive way.

Some of the signs that a child is resilient include:

  1. They ask for help when they know they need it

  2. They are able to recognize their strengths even when not everything is going as planned

  3. They look at setbacks as learning opportunities and come away with valuable lessons

  4. They believe that circumstances will improve

  5. They set goals for themselves with time-defined intervals

  6. Despite failures, they go back and try again

Particularly during such difficult times, it is important for children to believe in themselves. Therefore, parents can teach their children how to be resilient, as this will be important for the future. Learn more about fostering resilience in children in this article from!

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