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Tech Tips & Reviews: Webwatcher: An App That Does it All

Since children began browsing the internet, texting their friends, and posting on social media regularly, you have likely been looking for an app that will monitor their activity without feeling like you are limiting their freedom or breeching their trust. Now, there is an app that will do this. You should take a look at Webwatcher, which has been designed to monitor all of the electronic and internet-enabled activity for their safety. This app functions in the background and will monitor their social media activity, their emails and text messages, and even their social media posts.

What I like about this app is that it will work on your iPhones, your Android devices, your Macs and PCs, and even your iPads and Tablets. It will track your children’s GPS location, log their keystrokes, and even track their emails and text messages. Even if your kid has deleted a certain email or text message, Webwatcher will log this as well. Furthermore, you can even see the pictures that your child has taken and saved to their phone in real-time. Finally, the app will even track every keystroke that your child makes on the computer so that you can go back and take a look at this at your leisure. I was truly impressed with this app.

The downside is that the app does have a few limitations. First, the app is a bit expensive. It is $99 per year and individual licenses are needed for every device you would like to install the software on. This can cause the cost to add up quickly. There are extra bonuses to the app that you can add on; however, these require an additional purchase. Finally, the GPS location tracking is a nice feature, but it only updates about every 6 hours, limiting its usefulness to some extent.

Notes about WEBWATCHER:

This application is available and being used.

Google Play – Updated: November 1, 2017 Amazon – Updated: November 11, 2017

This blog post is part of a series of posts on various smartphone applications that our children may or may not have access to. Click here the complete listing of Smartphone App Reviews.

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