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Tech Tips & Reviews: SnapHack for the Storage of SnapChat

SnapHack is another app that has been designed to work with your SnapChat account. For users, kids, and parents who might be unaware, SnapChat is a wildly popular app that allows people to take photos and videos that they can then upload to the user account for their friends to see. Many of these videos and images will self-delete from your device after a set period of time; however, the SnapHack app is designed to prevent this from happening. While the app is now defunct, it still brings an important point to the spotlight that you and everyone else needs to keep in mind.

What I liked about the app:

What I liked about the SnapHack app is that it worked fluidly. It directly accessed my SnapChat account once I logged into SnapHack using my SnapChat credentials. It quickly accessed all of the snap pictures and videos that were sent to me and allowed me to view them without the timer. You can easily save all of these to my camera roll for viewing later. Of note, these were still able to be viewed even after the files had been deleted or had expired on my SnapChat account. Unfortunately, the app stopped letting me log in after a short time; however, I later found out that the app was defunct.

What I don’t like about the app:

Unfortunately, for all of these same reasons, I did not like the app. I knew that if you could use SnapHack to do this to someone else that someone else could do the same thing to me. It forced me and everyone else to think twice about what I was sending people and took a significant amount of fun out of SnapChat. Apps like SnapHack have the potential to abuse something like your SnapChat account and everyone, especially kids and their parents, must think twice about how they are going to use SnapChat.

This blog post is part of a series of posts on various smartphone applications that our children may or may not have access to. Click here for the complete listing of Smartphone App Reviews.

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