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I know the topic of marijuana is a bit scary and controversial, but I thought these articles might help all of us…especially since it may be available in Wendover soon.  Believe it or not, I have smelled weed on my tutor students multiple times…but not often.  When that happens, I train my tutors to tell me and let me deal with it with you.

I just don’t want any of us to have our heads in the sand.  PLEASE review these articles to arm you with information.  Give them to your kids to read, if appropriate.

Here are 3 articles about the topic we discussed:

Experts Weigh In: Marijuana and ADHD

Marijuana and ADHD—it’s a topic that can be both controversial and confusing for parents. Can mariju…

The Truth About Learning and Attention Issues and Substance Abuse

You may have heard that teenagers with learning and attention issues are more likely to abuse alcoho…

Why Teens With ADHD May Take More Risks

Teens are at an age when they naturally start to become more independent. But they may not always ma…


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