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Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing those skills learned throughout the school year allows for a smoother transition from grade to grade. Moving up to the next grade can be a challenge for kids.  It is so exciting to get a new teacher and new classmates, but the curriculum can take a jump up; summer tutoring can help your child enter school in the fall with confidence.  

As parents, we all think we will have time to help our kids in the summer.  The trouble is, without scheduled tutoring visits, the summer whizzes by and nothing has been done!  

Let summer tutoring help your child practice reading, spelling, grammar, writing, math, and anything else you and your tutor can dream up!  Custom learning plans can provide that.  Young kids love learning while getting instant rewards such as earning a candy bar, earning money,  or playing a game of Uno.  

A bit of homework doesn’t hurt either.  Kids want to see the big smile on their tutor’s face and feel the satisfaction in their heart that they completed a task.  

For more information about how summer tutoring can help you and your child, read the complete article here.

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