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Kids Are Coming Up With Unique Remote Learning Solutions

Remote learning has presented a myriad of challenges; however, kids and their families have developed unique solutions to help their days flow more smoothly. Some of the top solutions that children have come up with include:

  1. Phone alarms to help children get up for school without disturbing the rest of the house

  2. Organizing school supplies the night before class to make the mornings a bit easier

  3. Writing down assignments in a personal planner to make it easier to keep track of everything

  4. Starting major projects as soon as possible to avoid last-minute panic

  5. Adjusting the background of the Zoom camera to include helpful class information that might assist classmates

  6. Being productive during free time with side art projects to inspire creativity in others

It is great to see children develop problem-solving skills during this difficult time. Despite the challenges, children are working hard to get the most out of their education. Read more about ways remote learning is empowering children to come up with their own solutions in this article on!

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