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How to Help Your Child Improve Their Reading Skills this Summer

Summer is a great time to read books as a family.  Pull out all of those fun picture books on your shelves, read a novel that everyone will love, or give each person a novel and have “summer reading time.”  Do it at dusk, in the backyard, with the sounds of summer around you.  Or read on an airplane, in a cabin, or in a hotel for a bit.  I love reading in the dark, on my phone, on my back porch swing!

I have a ton of my kids’ favorite picture books on my shelves.  When my kids were little, they used to love to pull out their favorites and read them over and over.  Sometimes I would read to them, and sometimes we would just read to ourselves.  Summer is a great time for that relaxed reading when there are no pressures of assignments or projects looming.  Even older kids enjoy going through the books, because they bring back lovely memories. 

Reading a fun novel, or series of novels, is a great family activity in the summer.  A perfect book to read this summer, as a family, is The BFG.  Your family could read it together and then go and see the movie together.  There are actually lots of fun older books with movies that go along with them.  Think Where the Red Fern Grows.  I bet you could find that movie at the library!

Just because you go on vacation doesn’t have to mean you need to stop reading.  Getting lost in a book is so much fun!  We all want our kids to experience that. The trick is to find the right book for each individual child before you leave.  Go to the library or bookstore together and take an hour to explore and choose books.  Maybe this will be the summer that your child learns to love books just as much as you do!

I have a life long love affair with reading.  I have already read about 6 books this summer and have more on my IPhone.  So be active, enjoy the vacation, and read!

Here are some resources for your summer reading pleasure:

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