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Every parent should read this Deseret News article and talk with your kids!

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I’m sharing this story because I was shocked when I read it, and that’s not easy to do anymore dealing with kids and technology today.  But it did. And it’s important to know about, especially if you have kids who use technology (websites, mobile devices, etc.) which is about everyone. It’s about extortion through social media but it is different than other cases I had heard about. However, and most importantly, current statistics show that this is happening everywhere.

This quote tells it all:

“I want to tell all parents that it doesn’t matter how close you think you are, you’re never as close as you think you are. ” Tawra Tobler

The solution? Talk to you kids. But you need to know WHAT to talk about. Also, be involved with their involvement with technology. Please read this article and learn about some specific conversations you should be having now with your children as well as specific tips for monitoring your children’s online conversations.

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