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Building Blocks Testimonials

As a School Psychologist and parent of four children I found Building Blocks to be informative and provide helpful, applicable information.  Every child is unique and as parents we may feel inadequate in knowing how to help our child. Building Blocks will help you and your child successfully navigate the education system, it will empower you as an advocate for your child’s success. 

I recommend this book to every parent who isn’t quite sure where to start or how to help their child succeed. Building Blocks has something for everyone.  Even if your child is doing well academically, Building Blocks will help you understand the social and emotional components to your child’s success. Vikki Carrel is passionate about helping kids succeed. 

Christy Gerrard, Ed.S., School Psychologist

Building Blocks has a lot of good information in one location. It is easy to read and navigate. The definitions will be useful and helpful to those in need. The suggestions for success for each individual topic are a nice resource. 

Nichole Penix, M.Ed., Special Education and Educational Leadership and Policy

Building Blocks is a practical book that facilitates understanding and empowers parents advocating for the success of their children. The worksheets and examples are essential pieces to the puzzle. Organized in a simple and clear manner, Building Blocks lays the foundation for navigating a tricky educational landscape without being too clinical.  

Brooke Lange, MS., Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

This book is an incredible resource of information on learning disorders and behavior issues with children. The information on a 504 Plan and the IEP process is the best I have ever seen. Building Blocks is clear and concise and easy to understand.  The author sharing her personal journey in the beginning of the book is a huge plus; it lets parents know right away that she gets it and she knows from experience. I feel this is very important information for Vikki to share along with her incredible amount of research. Building Blocks has been a great resource for me, and I think other parents will feel the same way.

D. Mendenhall

This is a powerful resource for parents and students to know they are not alone! Building Blocks is a great overview with many ideas to help parents and students navigate life with a learning disorder or any number of difficulties. This book will help you find succinct, valuable information and identify strategies to help you and your child be successful in school and in life.

Molly Metcalf, M.S., CCC-SLP

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