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Back to School Notes For Parents From Thorup Tutoring Company


Attached are 3 notes to you:

Here are a couple of additions to the notes that I want you to be aware of:

  1. It is so exciting how full we are…online and in person.  I have even hired a girl from New Jersey to help with online tutoring!  We have over 180 kids on our database already, so it is very important to respect your tutor’s time.  

  2. The cancellation policies are attached.  If your child is doing online tutoring, the same cancellation policies still apply

  3. For those of you who have not signed our required billing/payment agreement forms (past or new students), we will be sending those via email next week.  We absolutely need those signed to continue tutoring your child/children.

  4. Expect an invoice no later than September 5th.  If you don’t receive one via email, then check your spam.  My email address starts with Weed (WeEducate). Spam filters are getting better.  If you don’t get one at all, please email me.

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