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Auditory Processing and Spelling Areas of Auditory Perception

Auditory system is the sensory system for the sense of hearing. Phonemic awareness and phonics both depend The on the auditory system. The ability to hear, identify and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken words is phonemic awareness and phonics is the method used to teach students to read by correlating sounds with letters in the alphabet.

The process of learning and understanding involves hearing. The ability to hear, understand and use what is heard is auditory processing and encoding is process of placing the correct letters with the sounds they represent in spelling.

When areas of auditory processing aren’t working efficiently kids will struggle with spelling. Auditory discrimination is important in reading and spelling. This is the ability to recognize and identify words and sounds that are similar, for example: mob and mop; very and berry; scream and stream; mesh and mush. Auditory discrimination allows people to distinguish between phonemes in words and a phoneme is a single unit of sound in any given language like the letter combination “ch” that has three different pronunciations – chef, choir, cheese.

Areas of Auditory Perception

Auditory Figure Ground: The ability to listen without being distracted by background noises.

Auditory Discrimination: The ability to recognize and identify words and sounds that are similar.

Auditory Closure: The ability to combine sounds that are presented orally to form words.

Auditory Memory: The ability to take in information that is presented orally and to process it, retain it, and recall it.

Auditory Visual Integration: The ability to accurately relate an auditory symbol with a visual symbol.

Auditory Visual Coordination: The ability to use hearing and seeing at the same time.

Auditory Language Association: The ability to associate objects with each other when they are presented orally.

Auditory Language Classification: The ability to classify objects by category when presented orally.

Auditory Integration: The ability to integrate all the above.

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