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An Overview of Second-Grade Math: Why Is it Hard for Kids?

Progressing from first grade to second grade is a big jump for kids and parents alike. Every subject gets harder; however, math appears to be especially challenging. How is second-grade math so different from first-grade math? Why is it so challenging for kids?

A few reasons why math is much harder for kids in second grade than in first grade include:

  1. In first grade, kids can use their fingers for the majority of their math; however, this is often not possible in second grade.

  2. In second grade, kids are often asked to grasp abstract concepts, which can be difficult for young children.

  3. Kids in second grade have to learn how to use placeholders, as they are adding and subtracting two-digit numbers, creating additional challenges.

  4. Because kids in second grade are often asked to do math in their heads, they have to think differently, which can take time to learn.

  5. Kids in second grade are often asked to show their work, which can be frustrating for kids who don’t understand what this means.

To learn more about why math is so hard for kids in second grade and how you can help your child, read the article on!

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