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5 Arguments for Summer Tutoring

Summer is for much-needed vacations. But summer is also a great opportunity where schools essentially “stop the clock”, allowing your child to catch up and/or practice those skills learned throughout the school year. Here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider a summer tutoring program for your older child.

  1. Catch up on credits – Maybe your older student failed a class last year (heaven forbid!)

  2. Speed up the high school experience –  take some original credit over the summer to avoid a nasty chemistry class in the fall.  

  3. Summer Homework Support – many schools require summer assignments like reading and math packets. Many students/families leave these requirements until school is ready to begin again. Tutoring throughout the summer will help take the pressure off the parents and support the student to complete assignments and be properly prepared for the school year to begin. Tutoring will also provide much-needed accountability for many kids.

  4. Strengthen Your Skills (accountability as well as curriculum) – As mentioned above, working with a tutor can help your student set deadlines for completion of packets for credit. A tutor can help a student be accountable to those deadlines. And on top of that, a tutor can also teach the student how to actively read, annotate, and take notes on that required summer reading book so that the student is ready for the test in the fall.

  5. Prepare For Next Year – summer tutoring can help your child get ready for subjects that were not mastered. We often see difficulty in the fall in the areas of math and foreign languages.

In a nutshell, the summer is the perfect opportunity to strengthen those required skills for school while building your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Essentially, you will give your child a “leg up”!

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