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365 Poetry presents “Night in Kent”

Abi Olufeko is an amazing man!  This night out will be well worth your while…your kids will love it, too.  Some of my students and employees will even be sharing music and poetry on this night.  The venue fills up fast, so come early to get great seats!

Here is some info from Abi about the event:

365 presents yet another “Night in Kent,” the first of its kind this year as it celebrates ‘breaking out’ of erstwhile cocoons of yesterday, that of a past, or even last year’s. This is mainly a clarion call to all women to stand upon their platforms, speak their truths, celebrate their loves, and express their power. The men are not left out of this; strong men appreciate authentic powerful women and will complement them beautifully through poetry, prose, or even dance. The main feature of this event is ‘You’ as you celebrate your ‘break out’ with friends and family under a banner of love, great food, and uplifting music.

Admission to this event is $10.00 at the door.

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