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“13 Reasons Why” Movie Review

I just recently finished watching the Netflix Original Series called “13 Reasons Why.” I thought it would be good to give my thoughts on the series, since many of your kids will watch it. They may watch it with you at home, without you at home, or somewhere else without your knowledge. With the current technology available, all kids need is a phone or tablet with Wi-Fi connection and they can watch the show from anywhere!

I would suggest that all parents watch this series with or without your children…just so you know what your children will most likely be viewing (even if they don’t tell you they are viewing it). Whether we want to admit it or not, our children have and will go through many of the experiences depicted in the series. The show is not of superior quality nor is the acting great, but I want you to watch it so that you can have conversations with your kids.

There are graphic scenes, specifically date rape and cutting wrists to commit suicide. Those scenes come in the final 3-4 episodes. This series is about the 13 reasons why a girl committed suicide. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, but by the end, I was glad that I had watched it.

At first, I thought that the series was glamorizing suicide. It doesn’t. I also thought that the creators made the adults look stupid. Maybe they did that on purpose, because that is how our kids see us sometimes. I also thought that it was mean for this girl to make these tapes; not only did she take her own life, but she was ruining other kids’ lives after she was deceased. By the end of the series, I can see why she made the tapes, and it made many kids realize the results that their actions and words can have on others. Bottom line is, there were many things I pre-judged about the series; in the end I thought it covered an important and relevant topic.

I know that we live in a culture where many of you will not want your kids to view this series. But I will say it again…no matter how good we think our kids are, they may view this series without your knowledge. There were good and bad kids in this series, and even the good kids lied to their parents. I know that I lied to my parents and that my kids lied to me. And I was a good kid! Please don’t misinterpret my intentions for this article. You and your family can choose what is right for you. I just wanted to share my opinion.

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