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Is There a Difference in ADHD in Girls versus Boys?

ADHD is one of the most common behavioral disorders diagnosed in children. Even though ADHD is equally as common in girls and boys, there are a few notable differences.

A few key symptoms of ADHD in girls include:

  1. Girls are less likely to be hyperactive, so they are more difficult to diagnose.

  2. As a result, ADHD is diagnosed less often in girls than in boys.

  3. Girls with ADHD are more likely to be perceived as sensitive or emotional.

  4. They are more talkative and tend to interrupt conversations more often than boys.

In contrast, ADHD in boys can present with symptoms that are easier to detect. These include:

  1. Boys are more likely to be hyperactive with ADHD.

  2. Because of this, they are easier to diagnose.

  3. Boys are often described as though they are being “driven by a motor.”

  4. They have a difficult time remaining still when seated, and they might have a hard time taking a seat at all.

  5. Boys often play too rough with their peers.

Even though there are some differences in ADHD between girls and boys, there are treatment options available. Learn more about how ADHD presents in girls with this article on Then, learn more about how ADHD presents in boys with this article on

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