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Does Your Child Struggle with Math Word Problems?

Math word problems can be tricky for a lot of children. In order for them to arrive at the right answer, they need to read the words, pick out the numbers, and perform the calculations properly. The combination of all of these skills can cause a lot of trouble for certain children.

If your child appears to be good at math, but simply struggles with word problems, there are a few possible reasons why. They include: 

  1. Your child may struggle with reading, which translates to difficulties with math word problems.

  2. Your child may have a difficult time taking out the important parts of math word problems.

  3. Your child may have problems focusing on the entire problem.

Fortunately, there are a few tips you may want to try as well. These include: 

  1. Ask your child to circle the important parts of the word problem as he or she goes through it. 

  2. Try covering up all other problems except the one your child is working on.

  3. Make a checklist your child has to complete as part of double-checking his or her work. 

Learn more about helping your child through difficult math word problems with this article on!

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