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Anxiety as Children Return To School: What To Know

It is normal for children to have some level of anxiety surrounding their return to school. This year, kids may develop more anxiety than normal given the significant challenges of the past 18 months This is particularly true for children who have issues learning or making friends.

Because children have been in a virtual setting for the past year and a half, it may take longer to adjust to a traditional classroom. They might have to get used to new rules, they will have to interact with their peers differently, and they might be learning from adults they have not seen in a long time.

As a result, children who already had challenges in the past are going to struggle more than ever. There are several other reasons why children may be anxious about the start of the school year. These include:

  1. Some children may feel like they are behind their peers

  2. Kids might be nervous about fitting in after being away from school for so long

  3. Children who are behind may feel like they’re struggling to catch up to their peers

  4. Kids may not know what to expect

  5. Children may feel like they are not prepared for changes.

For this reason, children may need extra support as they return to school. Parents and caregivers can take steps to make life easier for children as they return to a traditional classroom setting. By placing children in a position to be successful, parents and caregivers can help them get the most out of the school year.

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